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Adler Lee Barrett is the pseudonym for the directing/animation team responsible for creating visually stunning stop-motion and VFX based work for Daily Planet Ltd., in addition to their everyday roles as designers and animators.

Born and raised in Nebraska, Jonathan Adler made his way to Chicago and Daily Planet in 2002. Educated at the University of Notre Dame, where he acquired a background in Film and Television Production and Art Studio (photography), Jon soon after began his career at Daily Planet 17 years ago as an assistant editor. After worming his way into the graphics department, he eventually worked his way to becoming Creative Director.

When he detaches from work, Jon enjoys traveling with his family to new places, looking for vintage and retro ephemera at antique stores and sometimes playing drums in a rock band called Warm Ones. You may also find him on a never-ending quest for the perfect buffalo chicken wrap.

Very little is known about the animator and VFX guru James Lee. Most accounts point to James arriving at Daily Planet sometime in 2014, though no one remembers interviewing him or offering him a job. Regardless, James likes to occupy his time at DP working in Nuke and acting as VFX supervisor on shoots. Occasionally, James takes time off to travel to visit relatives in an undisclosed location.

When he is not compositing or tracking shots for a project, James is tracking the prices of crypto market, and hedging his bets on his favorite sporting events. Often times he can be found joining Jon in the quest for the perfect buffalo chicken wrap.

Originally from Rochester, NY, Alyssa Barrett comes to Daily Planet with the most formal education, earning her Masters in Art and Design (Animation) from NC State. Prior to that Alyssa studied undergrad at Slippery Rock University where she played NCAA soccer (fútbol). After school, Alyssa moved to Chicago where she continues to play soccer competitively, automatically qualifying her as the most athletic member of the Chicago motion graphics community and primary source of information on the World Cup.

When she is not working or running after a ball, Alyssa is attending friends weddings in exotic locales and traveling the world with her boyfriend and/or watching every show you’ve ever “heard was good” on Netflix.


2002-present No Awards Yet Award
With a combined 25 years of experience at Daily Planet in motion design and animation, and despite having no awards to their name, they are still highly sought after for the fun and creative approach they bring to each project. 

Even the ones that aren’t intrinsically fun or creative.